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Life-Sized LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow

February 2, 2011

We all knew it would happen, if they were going to have the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean license LEGO would naturally make Captain Jack. Here you can see actor Ian McShane, who will be Captain Black Beard in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides, as he is introduced to the LEGO Captain Jack and his creator Master Model Builder Erik Varszegi.

Disney and LEGO unveiled a six foot tall β€˜life-size’ statue of Captain Jack Sparrow, the first of its kind. The highly detailed statue, which includes a removable sword, consists of approximately 150,000 LEGO bricks and took more than 200 man hours to design and build. Approximately 70 of those hours alone were used in the creation of Jack’s head which was all done without the assistance of computers.


As with all of Erik’s creation it is yet another masterpiece. πŸ™‚

And truly lightyears ahead of Mega’s version when they held the license.
Captain Jack Sparrow made of Mega Bloks

You can see many more pictures on of the whole event.

The 2010 Castle Advent Calendar Review β€” Day 5

December 5, 2010

Day 5

Although it has not been used in many years and has gotten rusty with age, this spear battering ram was instrumental in winning the War of the Bricks. It could easily pierce through ill built walls of the Mega Brickolous kingdom and saved the Legonous Nation from a long drawn out war.

Comic Con 2010 Thursday and Friday

July 23, 2010


Before I say anything else I have to just say — yes, that is what you think, and yes, it is real!

From my sources I got confirmation that that is an official LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean! Now if you were paying attention earlier when LEGO canceled the regular Pirates line while at the same time announcing the LEGO/Disney relationship all you had to do was put two and two together. This prototype model was leaked into the Prince of Persia display as a sneak peek of this new line. No word on when it will come out but I would have to guess that it would be June of next year, about a month before the movie will be released.


Here you can see the built CubeDudes of the Comic Con exclusive set. The models are pretty cute, my only complaint is the $75 price and the very thin cardboard box. Angus MacLane, father of the CubeDude movement, was there today signing. He’s a pretty cool guy. I’ve met him before at Bricks by the Bay and have chatted with him online many times, but it’s always nice to talk to him in person. πŸ™‚

Not only is there a raffle to buy the CubeDudes but there is also a drawing for a custom display case with three Boba Fetts — White Boba, Gold Boba, and Silver Boba. This is the one I forgot to snap a shot of before.

Although I usually stay away from mentioning Mega Blocks at all I had to post this, their attempt at model building.

I have seen models by them before in New York’s Times Square Toys R Us. And I was equally unimpressed with those models. The Halo fig and the Iron Man Bust seem rather blocky (pardon the pun) and about twenty years behind LEGO in design quality.

On a totally unrelated note Joe Meno of BrickJournal had his panel yesterday. It was really well presented and well attended. Jim Foulds (LEGO), Jonathan Bender (LEGO a Love Story), Brandon Griffith, and Nathan Sawaya made up the panel.

Attending the BrickJournal panel was Gabriel Cuevas, a huge LEGO fan and aspiring Model Builder, who created a LEGO Comic Con shirt using the brick baseplate t-shirt

Today, with the BrickJournal Panel behind him, Joe Meno is letting himself have a little fun with the Staro mask I found for him. πŸ˜€

Another random LEGO find was the Brick Testament books at the Quirk Books Booth.

Its been a pretty crazy couple of days and there are still two days to go. Now I’ve got to go to bed so I can wake at the insane hour of 3 am to get decent parking tomorrow.

The Pirate Advent Calendar Review β€” Day 20

December 20, 2009

Pirate Advent Calendar Day 20

After an hour or so of searching Dac Ta has found some transportation. Not quite a dingy, but good enough, this large half barrel is just the thing he needs. Fort Mega is only a few miles away from the much larger island Bilmark Denlund.

With calm seas and a bit of work Dac should be on the shores of Bilmark by night fall. From there Dac can find friends, food, and freedom. πŸ˜€

The Pirate Advent Calendar Review β€” Day 19

December 19, 2009

Pirate Advent Calendar Day 19

If only Lieutenant Tye Co had checked the holding cells along with the supply stores and the armory. The misplaced shackles and sword are the result of their latest capture, now escapee, pirate Dac Ta. As soon as they “locked” him up, Dac used an old piratey trick he knew to pick the locks with a small bit of metal that was hidden in his vest lining.

Dac Ta is free of his cell, but he is not free from Fort Mega’s island. He can’t steal a dingy from the fortress, they might notice that missing even if they haven’t discovered his escape. So Dac has made his way to the beach to search for a way off the island.

The Pirate Advent Calendar Review β€” Day 17

December 17, 2009

Pirate Advent Calendar Day 17

Seeing the rats have once again invaded the supplies Lieutenant Tye Co loads his riffle and prepares to shoot the vermin one by one. There are blast marks all over the floors where Tye has tried and failed in the past. He figures if he just keeps trying he’ll get them one of these days.

Lieutenant Co also knows that Commander Block won’t be happy with the fact that there will be no turkey for lunch. Perhaps he would like a rat stew . . .

The Pirate Advent Calendar Review β€” Day 16

December 16, 2009

Pirate Advent Calendar Day 16

Back at Fort Mega a rat has gotten into the supply stores. He merrily drank all the apple juice and has now started into the last of Commander M. Block’s turkey leg that he was going to have for lunch.

In fact he is just one of a multitude of vermin that call the Fortress home. In their own small way they are fighting their own ratty war with the Commander and his men. They chew ropes, hide keys, spill gunpowder, and try to infest the men with the diseases they carry so that it is harder for Commander Block to destroy the pirate ships.

Why do they do this you ask? Well the rats know that their fellow brother and sister rats live on the pirate ships. They want to protect their families like any one else. πŸ˜‰

Professor Maple

August 31, 2008

Professor Maple is my second entry in Resonably Clever’s Brick Science Contest. This model is for Class 2 – Evil Scientist Impulse Build. You can only build with a limit of 50 pieces. This is a great challenge, to get your point across without going over the piece limit. Chris Doyle, creator of Reasonably Clever, allowed for the use of Mega Blocks or non-LEGO elements, since the scientist is evil.

I figured that this would be perfect excuse to use my Pokemon Mega Blocks bricks. I got these in Japan about 7 or 8 years ago, and I just never found a use for them. As a general rule I don’t buy Mega Blocks, they are far inferior to LEGO in quality, but the Pokemon were just so cute I couldn’t resist.

As for what Professor Maple — rival to Professor Oak — is doing, he is creating “Poke-cubes” just to upset the balance of things. πŸ˜‰