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Mega Bloks Minions

July 23, 2015

Last night I went to the dark side of the toy aisle. Being a die-hard LEGO fan, I very, very rarely purchase any off-brand products and Mega Bloks is especially known for its pour quality of the bricks themselves.

But then they acquired the Minions license.


I couldn’t help it, they are cute. Adorable in fact. I mean heck, they were supposed to be background for the Dispicable Me movie. Gru’s minions, goof ball assistants that were anything but evil.

Its the blind bags that got me

As you can see from my first picture, they span all the different time frames of the movie — I haven’t seen the movie yet, but hey you see it in the commercials.

I’d been seeing several of the sets, but I had only picked up one, mainly because it just happened to be half off and I wanted at least a couple of the Minion figs

But as you can see, I haven’t opened it yet. Frankly I’m quite busy at the moment and should be building instead of writing this, but after finishing two large buildings in the last couple days, I needed a break so I went to Toys R Us.

And after looking at the LEGO sets, I ventured down the other row…

And there they were. Lots of them. Lots of different sets, but I didn’t really want the sets, all I wanted was the figures. And that’s when I saw the blind bags.

Now, being that I’m an expert of the Collectible Minifigures — I can go through a box of 60 in about 15 minutes and tell you what each and every figure is with 99.999999% accuracy, they weren’t really “blind” to me.

These were trickier than LEGO ones.




As you can see, since the Minions are separated by body parts — arms, feet, head, body, etc — and there is a 2×4 brick in the bag, its harder to find the unique elements that distinguish one figure from another. And there’s a “mystery” fig, in the time I went through the figs, I didn’t find the mystery fig, nor did I find all the other 11 figures. I did find 8 or 9 of them, but settled on the 6 I bought. The blind bags cost the same as LEGO Collectible Minifigures — $3.99 USD.

What’s interesting is that the feet and arms have ball socket connections, so they can swivel a little. And the head section can also twist a little when connected to the torso section. The eyes are part of the goggles that are on a stretchy rubber ring that fits around the head. In fact there are a few rubber parts, which also make it harder to tell by feel.

And since I was already going dark, I went darker and bought a set.


It was partially because of the set itself, partially because of the parts. It wasn’t till I opened it I found that there were several parts that LEGO doesn’t make



Now yes, the parts are still of a poorer quality, one got stuck and I almost broke it trying to take it off. But still there’s some interesting parts that I kinda wished that LEGO would make.


The build was pretty quick and fun. I like the over all design — which is something I’m surprised to say about a Mega Blok set — although the stretchy clear rubber tubes were kind of a pain because they are in a weird question mark shape so when building, it didn’t want to stay where you put it.

So, will I be buying more? Maybe. But only because they are Minions. Will it draw me further to the dark side? Probably not. I like my LEGO too much. 😉