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One small step…

November 6, 2013


This awesome model is by Tyler Clites. I always like to see Tyler’s creations and this is no exception. I can almost see the Earth reflected in the astronaut’s visor. πŸ˜€

And the 1×1 round gray tiles are a perfect moonscape!

Apparently this was a commission and it was also a more realistic variation of a model he made last year for MOCathon and Iron Builder competitions.

Houston, We Have a Problem

Its hard to say which one is better. The top one is more dramatic, but the bottom one is playful. But the great thing is that we don’t have to chose, we can like both equally! πŸ˜€

Quidditch Book

March 27, 2013

Quidditch Book

This magical microscale Quidditch field on the “cover” of the definitive guide on all things Quidditch is simply awesome!!

Created by Legopard this is aparently his first Harry Potter model.

There are a couple additional images on MOCpages (which I must admit I don’t check nearly enough)

Considering the size of the model, it truly is brilliant. Using the “one ring” as the Quidditch Hoops is perfect and the tips of antennas as the figures is inspired.

Some of the parts are just held by gravity, but who cares, its still cool.

And then I was looking at his Flickr stream and I saw a technique I’d never seen before (which is saying something πŸ˜‰ ) —

Leaving Lothlorien

There’s a lot going on in this model, but what caught my eye was that this baseplate was used upside-down!

I have a few of these raised baseplates, which have literally sat under a desk for years and years gathering dust. I find them very limiting as the shaped hills and valleys of the baseplate keep it from being very useful. When I was younger I used them a lot as I didn’t have the means to build my own hills and valleys out of brick. I admit, I rarely build landscapes, but I could if I wanted to.

So finding a use for these kind of “useless” baseplates — note: of course no LEGO part is ever useless and can always be used in a clever manner — is awesome. Not only is it upside-down, but it is also filled with water. Very, very cool! πŸ˜€

Disco Robot

July 7, 2011

The name says it all for this MOC (My Own Creation) by cjedwards47.

Disco Robot 01

The DISCO Robot is the cool new way to groove on Mars.
Proprietary DANCEFLOOR technology in the torso allows the DISCO Robot to mimic your every motion, from busting a move to striking a pose. Can you dig it?

Disco Robot 05

I think my favorite part is the DANCEFLOOR technology. I can just see the little minifig as he’s grooving to the Bee Gees as he travels the rocky Mars terrain. πŸ˜€

Apparently this was built in 2007, but shown only on MOCpages at the time so I missed it.

The Market District

July 2, 2011

Alex (aka Sirens-of-Titan) has created this stunning MOC (My Own Creation) that pays homage to the Medieval Market Village and then pushes it up a notch.

There are so many intricate details I just want to sit and look at the pictures for a while to figure out how it all was done πŸ™‚

To see more images and read the story that goes with this model you can check out the post on Eurobricks.

Be My Brickentine Contest

January 10, 2011

Will you be my Brickentine? Just in time for Valentine’s Day Klementina Kos has started a new contest. And, as I am one of the judges I figured I better let everyone know about it. πŸ˜‰

Be My Brickentine – Men’s Contest 2011

NEW CONTEST!! Join our group for all questions and adding entries!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Klementina is organizing an international contest named “Be My Brickentine”. I am looking for the most original or seductive love story.

All 16 of minifigure collectable series 3 – get them all!
Free world wide airmail shipping included!

Start: January 8, 2011

End: February 14, 2011

Results:The winner will be announced on February 25, 2011

Organizer: Klementina Kos

Awards provided by: Brickarchitect

Judges: Stacy Sterling, Mariann Asanuma, Klementina Kos

The main goal is to win the hearts of our female judges. Love can be expressed in different ways: through songs, gifts, love letters, etc. Be creative, build the most original seductive or love story. Show us your seductive capacities, what you would do to win her heart. Prove that love can be expressed through bricks as well!

Judges will pay particular attention to the originality, details, setting, quality of pictures (not a condition), but also to the romantic aspect of the entries.

1. Only men are allowed to compete, no women will be allowed to enter the contest.
2. Only one entry per person. Each creation may have accompanying text (optional). Entries may be minifig or other scale. Entries that were published before the beginning of this contest (January 8, 2011) are not allowed.
3. Minimum resolution for photographs is 800×600 pixels. Some basic editing in Photoshop is allowed – cutting out the background, editing color, contrast, etc. LDD is not allowed.
4. Only original LEGO parts are allowed. Entries that have non-LEGO parts will be disqualified, and authors will be notified.
5. You need to post your entries to MOCpages or Flickr group for this contest.

If you didn’t notice, this contest is for men only, no girls allowed. But, as most builders are men, that isn’t too big of a deal. So start building and good luck guys!

Working on St. Basil

September 15, 2010

WIP St. Basil

I don’t normally post WIP (works in progress) but even in its unfinished state Arthur Gugick’s latest model is a wonder.

Having computer and mathematical background, he’s a math teacher, Arthur has a very different design process to me. I’ve known Arthur for several years, ever since he tried out to be a Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND California. He didn’t end up getting the job, but that didn’t stop him for getting worldwide recognition for his LEGO buildings. He even flew to Australia for a movie that featured his Taj Mahal.

I look forward to seeing this one when it is completed. πŸ˜‰

A model so good its Picture Perfect

March 7, 2010

Olympus C730 Ultra Zoom

Sven Junga’s LEGO version of a Olympus C730 Ultra Zoom camera really jumped out for its realism. I almost want to pick it up and start taking pictures with it. Although not an actually working camera like the official LEGO camera I have to say that Sven’s looks way cooler. Made for a contest on

Filip’s Pikmin Project: Piklopedia

January 18, 2010

Do you know the game Pikmin? Apparently Filip Johannes Felberg does. He is compiling a visual Piklopedia of all his favorite Pikmin.

These are photos of my Pikmin Project which is a project I have been working on for quite a long time now. In this project I make Lego creations of creatures from one of my favorite video-game franchises, Pikmin. The creations are made by me, but all of the creatures from the Pikmin games which are used for inspiration are owned by Nintendo. You can see all of my LEGO-creations on the LEGO-community

Just like the game (not that I’ve played it mind you) Filip’s creations are many and varied. You can see his whole Pikmin Project on Flickr. Its a pretty impressive assortment and I for one found it very interesting. πŸ™‚

Fellow LUGNut goes worldwide

May 27, 2009

Firas Abu-Jaber’s vehicles are truly works of art. Although he has long been known in the LEGO community, he is starting to get know to the rest of the world. Not only were his creations highlighted on he was also featured on a whole slew of blogs. One even commented:

Firas Abu-Jaber, a member of, a community for LEGO enthusiasts, is much better at building LEGO cars than I ever was. He’s built LEGO versions of the Lamborghini Reventon, Ford GT, Dodge Tomahawk, Shelby Supersnake and even K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. Basically all the cars I would have posters of on my wall if my girlfriend wasn’t such a fuddy-duddy.

One of my favorites is Shelby GT500 Super Snake

Although I have to admit its more for the snake than the car. πŸ˜€ Check out his full Photostream to see all his creations. Great job Firas!

Gotta love that little Cafe Corner

January 22, 2009


Marcos Bessa from Portugal made this incredibly small and fabulously detailed Cafe Corner. I love the challenges that Microscale and Marcos did an amazing job. You can see more images on MOCpages.

He even made it so the the different floors come apart.