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The 2010 City Advent Calendar Review — Day 5

December 5, 2010

City Day 5

And what’s this? A drum set! With real working drums and cymbals this will be the perfect gift for Timmy’s sister Angela. She loves making rock music. Not only does it come with drumsticks and a “How to Play the Drums” DVD, it also has a large box of earplugs for Angela’s parents and neighbors. 😀

World’s Largest LEGO Minifigure

June 5, 2010

Recently in the Netherlands they built the World’s Tallest LEGO Tower. As part of the event they asked Robert of Amazing Brick Creations to design a the World’s Largest LEGO Minifig.

During the World’s Largest LEGO tower Event June 2010 held in Limmen children also build their own World Record: World’s Largest LEGO mini figure. This so called Dutch Flower Girl is build using around 135.500 LEGO bricks. She is 3,648 m tall and weight 300+ kg!
821 Children, 100+ parents, teachers and many volunteers helped building.

I was actually involved in the planning, if from very far away. That’s why I love the internet, you can connect with people all over the world. 😀

Robert contacted me because although he has experience building, he had never designed or built something so large, plus he didn’t know how to plan a building event. As I have done both designing in large scale and building events, I was able to help him through a series of emails to plan it out.

From the looks of the video it came out great. Congrats to Robert and all the people involved in this event! 🙂