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Ninjago Battle

January 4, 2011

Ninjago battlePhoto and model created by Legoagogo

Take a few figures and elements from the new Ninjago Spinjitzu Dojo mix in some Prince of Persia claw blades with back lighting and you get this awesome picture.

In some ways I’m not that interested in the new Ninjago sets themselves, especially the game aspect (even if that’s the main point), but what I am interested in is all the new elements — especially the printed ones. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m a big fan of the original 1999 Ninja sets, so much so that I have pretty much the whole line and even multiples of several sets. These new sets on the other hand don’t jump out as must haves to me as a whole, but there are definite must have parts and new weapons that I will pick up. ๐Ÿ˜€

LEGO Sleigh Ride

December 16, 2010


Jordan Schwartz constantly comes up with unconventional ways to make a model. Who else would combine Duplo and Bionicle in the same model and manage to make it look like neither of them? ๐Ÿ˜€

This is just a little rustic 19th century sleigh; I built the runners first, using lots of little bits of hose, the PoP/Ringmaster whips and some bars. From there, I built the body… or, more appropriately, stuck the body on [using minifigure hooks.] I’ve struggled with this shape for a long time, and in this case, I found this particular Bionicle mask to be effective. And for a finishing touch, I added what is quite possibly my favorite element, the DUPLO bearskin. I think it adds a nice, warm texture to compliment the minifigure’s fur-wrapped torso and hat.

Sleigh Construction

Here’s hoping his unique building skills will show up in LEGO sets once he starts working as a set designer in Denmark. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comic Con 2010 Thursday and Friday

July 23, 2010


Before I say anything else I have to just say — yes, that is what you think, and yes, it is real!

From my sources I got confirmation that that is an official LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean! Now if you were paying attention earlier when LEGO canceled the regular Pirates line while at the same time announcing the LEGO/Disney relationship all you had to do was put two and two together. This prototype model was leaked into the Prince of Persia display as a sneak peek of this new line. No word on when it will come out but I would have to guess that it would be June of next year, about a month before the movie will be released.


Here you can see the built CubeDudes of the Comic Con exclusive set. The models are pretty cute, my only complaint is the $75 price and the very thin cardboard box. Angus MacLane, father of the CubeDude movement, was there today signing. He’s a pretty cool guy. I’ve met him before at Bricks by the Bay and have chatted with him online many times, but it’s always nice to talk to him in person. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not only is there a raffle to buy the CubeDudes but there is also a drawing for a custom display case with three Boba Fetts — White Boba, Gold Boba, and Silver Boba. This is the one I forgot to snap a shot of before.

Although I usually stay away from mentioning Mega Blocks at all I had to post this, their attempt at model building.

I have seen models by them before in New York’s Times Square Toys R Us. And I was equally unimpressed with those models. The Halo fig and the Iron Man Bust seem rather blocky (pardon the pun) and about twenty years behind LEGO in design quality.

On a totally unrelated note Joe Meno of BrickJournal had his panel yesterday. It was really well presented and well attended. Jim Foulds (LEGO), Jonathan Bender (LEGO a Love Story), Brandon Griffith, and Nathan Sawaya made up the panel.

Attending the BrickJournal panel was Gabriel Cuevas, a huge LEGO fan and aspiring Model Builder, who created a LEGO Comic Con shirt using the brick baseplate t-shirt

Today, with the BrickJournal Panel behind him, Joe Meno is letting himself have a little fun with the Staro mask I found for him. ๐Ÿ˜€

Another random LEGO find was the Brick Testament books at the Quirk Books Booth.

Its been a pretty crazy couple of days and there are still two days to go. Now I’ve got to go to bed so I can wake at the insane hour of 3 am to get decent parking tomorrow.

LEGO Prince of Persia: Quest Against Time Review

June 29, 2010

I know this set, heck even the movie, has been out for a while. But even so, I felt that this set needed a review.

I was going to take pictures of my set, but Dita Svelte has taken such wonderful images that I am going to use them instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have to admit, I wasn’t really interested in this set. I had all of the other Prince of Persia sets, but this one didn’t look that great. Even after I saw the movie, I didn’t quite understand what this set was all about. Without giving away plot points, the sets aren’t all that accurate to the movie and this one most of all.

I can see why the set designers did what they did, there are lots of “moving” parts like the swinging swords and the rotating blade (which isn’t in the movie by the way).

The light up brick is cool looking and all, but even so, it wasn’t going to tempt me to buy the set.

So, why did I end up buying it? Well, when I was at BrickWorld at the Scratch and Dent LEGO Store Sale that was one of the sets I got. It wasn’t one of my first or even third choices, but as I was in one of the later groups, I didn’t have as much to chose from.

I figured, heck why not? I knew it had some pretty cool parts, especially the lion bricks in nougat — the only set that has them in that color.

But as I sat down and actually built the set yesterday I realized that even if the set is kind of a mess design wise, there are a lot of very useful parts in this set.

Lots of dark bluish gray slopes, dark tan tiles, and great nougat elements come in abundance. The large 8×8 dark tan plates are also a plus.

So overall, I may not like the set itself, but I see it as a great parts pack. All in all the Prince of Persia line is a great theme. Now that I have all five sets, and multiples of more than one of the sets, I highly recommend them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Prince of Persia MOC Scorpion Fort

May 22, 2010

Dita_svelte has created this impressive and imposing MOC (My Own Creation) using mainly the new medium nougat color.

This design is based on the entrance to the ancient city of Aleppo, Syria, with its distinctive double gate and bridge.

I wanted to do a much larger MOC using a colour scheme of dark bley, pearl gold and medium nougat.
With a very limited palette of bricks in nougat – no plates or tiles! – it was quite difficult to do areas like flat steps and the roof of the towers – so I am very happy with the result. Whilst I was initially unsure of using it for detail, the 1×4 brick adds great textural detail and is in keeping with the Arabic theme.

The fort hides a secret — “the Nizam’s private bathroom hidden beneath the solid rock.”

Be sure to check out some of Svelte’s other Prince of Persia creations. ๐Ÿ˜‰

LEGO Prince of Persia now available on

March 23, 2010

The wait is finally over. Well sort of. You can now order all the LEGO Disney Prince of Persia sets. ๐Ÿ™‚

They are also starting to appear at Toys R Us and other stores. On there is a review of the Ostrich Race

There is even a promotion next month at the LEGO Stores (at least in the US). When you buy $50 worth of product (part of it must be a Prince of Persia set) you get an exclusive Prince of Persia promo brick. I assume you need the coupon to get the brick.

From what I’ve seen so far, I’m very excited to see these sets. ๐Ÿ™‚

Forestmen’s River Fortress in Winter

March 21, 2010

Have you ever wondered what a LEGO set looks like in a different season?

Yoshix has recreated a winter version of the classic 1989 Forestmen River Fortress.

This got me thinking. What would happen if other sets were winterized? It seems like all Castle sets, heck all most all LEGO sets seem to be in this eternal spring. I know, there are specific sets like the Winter Toy Shop and I’m not talking about licensed Disney or Star Wars sets either. What I’m talking about is the LEGO themes — Castle, Town, etc. There seems to be no season other than “nice” in LEGO. ๐Ÿ˜€

LEGO Prince of Persia 2010 Early Photos

December 23, 2009

Just as the new LEGO Toy Story 2010 sets have started to show up in stores, Eurobricks has posted pictures of the new LEGO Prince of Persia sets.

Although we got a very early preview look at the LEGO Prince of Persia minifigures at the San Diego Comic Con in July now we finally get a chance to see what the sets look like.

I’m very excited about these sets. They seem to be a more grown-up version of the Adventurers Orient Expedition sets from a few years ago. And of course, the new ostrich and camel are a bonus. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The movie isn’t set to come out until late May, so it is likely that we won’t be seeing these sets in real life until then.

Update: Images have been removed at the request of the LEGO company.

San Diego Comic Con 2009 — Thursday

July 24, 2009

Okay, I was planning on posting last night, but I was a little (well actually a lot) tired. For those who haven’t been, Comic Con can be intense!!!!

Well, LEGO premiered the new Toy Story and Prince of Persia minifigs.




No price points or official release dates yet, and sorry about the poor quality of some of the photos, its a little hard to get a good shot through the display case. You can see better pictures at

As I also mentioned, two of my models are on display this year at the TwoMorrows Publishing booth — publisher of BrickJournal. I have my LEGO Batman Mosaic and my Comic Con logo on display. I was given permission from Comic Con to create their logo.


LEGO also has SEVEN Comic Con exclusives this year! They are all Star Wars related, because it is the tenth anniversary of LEGO Star Wars. There are two micro ships for the BrickMaster exclusive (you have to go in a raffle to get the “chance” to buy it), sorry I haven’t taken a picture yet. There are six sets of 3 Star Wars minifigures — one exclusively for each day of the Con (also a raffle), and one that is available the whole Convention. They are all $50 each. A little pricey for my personal taste, but they are selling like hot cakes!

For the first time at Comic Con, LEGO is having a building event. That was the project I was working on today with fellow Model Builder Mark. It is a mystery mosaic build (sorry no picture yet). I know what it is, but I’m not telling. ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the video game front, Warner Brothers is premiering LEGO Rock Band!

I still haven’t gotten to play the game yet, but from what I’ve seen, I really want the game!

DK Publishing also had their LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary panel today where they officially announced the ceremonial Luke minifig. I’ll get a picture up soon.

That’s all for now, I have to get up really early (4am) to get decent parking. I’ll try for some more pictures and more updates tomorrow.

More LEGO Comic Con News

July 17, 2009

Ace from has posted the latest LEGO press release.


5 foot tall Buzz Lightyear and life size Star Warsโ„ข Captain Rex made completely of LEGOยฎ bricks among the highlights at the LEGO Booth –

Broadcast your Comic-Con coverage live from the showroom floor โ€“ the LEGO Booth showcases large scale LEGO models, interactive building experiences, sneak peek looks at new products, exclusive sets for sale and much more!

— First ever look at the LEGO minifigures from the upcoming Toy Story and Prince of
Persia building sets

— 5โ€™ 6โ€ tall LEGO Buzz Lightyear

— 10th Anniversary LEGO Star Warsโ„ข contests and background

— Life size Star Warsโ„ข Captain Rex

— Never before seen LEGO products, including the new LEGO Star Warsโ„ข Tantive IV starship

— BIONICLE mural build

— LEGO Playtables

— And more!

San Diego Convention Center โ€“ Booth 2829
111 W. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101



Wednesday, July 22, 6:00 pm โ€“ 9:00 pm

Thursday, July 23 โ€“
Saturday, July 25 โ€“ 9:30 am โ€“ 7:00 pm

Sunday, July 26 โ€“ 9:30 am โ€“ 5:00 pm


Wednesday, July 22:

Unveiling of the new LEGO Star Warsโ„ข Tantive IV starship

Unveiling of 5 foot 6 inch Buzz Lightyear Model

Unveiling of new LEGO minifigures from Toy Story and Prince of Persia sets

Saturday, July 25

Michael Dorn, voice of Mata Nui in the upcoming BIONICLE Direct to Video Movie, onsite,
signing autographs (12pm โ€“ 2pm)

LEGO seems to be doing a lot more at Comic Con this year than in years past. They’ve never had a celebrity at the booth before. I’m pretty excited to see what the Toy Story and Prince of Persia sets will be like too. ๐Ÿ™‚