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Building LEGO Store Models

February 7, 2011

First off, I apologize for my long absence from posting on this blog. I was a tad too busy this weekend to get around to posting anything.

This weekend and several of my fellow LEGO club members got together and built all day and all night long! What were we building you might ask? The post title might give you a clue. 😉

Well, did you know that when a new LEGO store opens in your area they ask the local LEGO club to build the display models? Those are the models that line the shelves — the Miniland scenes, ducks, fish, etc. Although I don’t know how many there are in total, Costa Mesa, California’s newest LEGO Store will be getting quite a few!

As you can see from the picture, this is what the LEGO models look like when they are in the boxes. 😀

The models vary in complexity from Miniland scale Circus performers

to large rats with cheese 🙂

P1250216 Tim works on building a golf scene

P1250208 Karen built a fast food tray while Skylar made a pair of bunnies.

P1250206 And here’s what I worked on with Tiffeny, the Miniland scale LEGO Store.

There were about eight of us that worked from 10 am till about 10:30 pm at night. We all worked on several models, some more complex than others. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of all the models when they were finished (it had been a rather long day), but as they will be on display at the new Costa Mesa Store I’ll take pictures of them eventually. If you are in the area, the Grand Opening will be next month:

LEGO Store Grand Opening Event:
South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA
March 11 – 13
Come visit our new LEGO store in the South Coast Plaza. This grand opening event will feature a Master Model Build of Yoda!

I plan on being there so maybe I’ll see you. 🙂

The 2010 Castle Advent Calendar Review — Day 22

December 23, 2010

Day 22

Even the hunting owls look forward to Christmas and the treats they will get. Of course for them the treats consist of nice fat rats. Bleh! 😛

The Pirate Advent Calendar Review — Day 17

December 17, 2009

Pirate Advent Calendar Day 17

Seeing the rats have once again invaded the supplies Lieutenant Tye Co loads his riffle and prepares to shoot the vermin one by one. There are blast marks all over the floors where Tye has tried and failed in the past. He figures if he just keeps trying he’ll get them one of these days.

Lieutenant Co also knows that Commander Block won’t be happy with the fact that there will be no turkey for lunch. Perhaps he would like a rat stew . . .

The Pirate Advent Calendar Review — Day 16

December 16, 2009

Pirate Advent Calendar Day 16

Back at Fort Mega a rat has gotten into the supply stores. He merrily drank all the apple juice and has now started into the last of Commander M. Block’s turkey leg that he was going to have for lunch.

In fact he is just one of a multitude of vermin that call the Fortress home. In their own small way they are fighting their own ratty war with the Commander and his men. They chew ropes, hide keys, spill gunpowder, and try to infest the men with the diseases they carry so that it is harder for Commander Block to destroy the pirate ships.

Why do they do this you ask? Well the rats know that their fellow brother and sister rats live on the pirate ships. They want to protect their families like any one else. 😉