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Viking Fortress

October 16, 2013

Okay, I realize I’ve been MIA (missing in action) for a couple weeks. My trip to BrickCon was great, but as I chose to drive this time — and bring my mom so it could also be a mother/daughter road trip — it took a lot longer (13 days total) than it normally does for me to get back. And if you’re wondering, I drove over 2,800 miles.

So I’m finally getting back to normal. BrickCon is my last LEGO Con of the year, I still may go to one more convention, but its up in LA not too far out of town for me.

Anyhow, onto this clever little build —

Viking Fortress

And it really is a little build. It took me a moment to realize just how small. I love the cracks in the ice and the tiny viking 🙂

Its simply adorable!

Long time no post

March 15, 2013

Wow, I’ve now gone longer than I’ve ever wanted to go without posting here and I really do apologize for the three week absence.

Going to Emerald City Comic Con and BricksCascade sounded like such a good idea when I left my house February 25th and drove the 1200+ miles to Seattle. And it was a fun trip with much hanging out with friends and meeting of new people. But the crazy thing is that I’m still not home!

I have one more day of driving and around 200+ miles left before I finally make it back to my house. 😯

Over the course of my trip I’ve gone up to Seattle, Washington then to Portland, Oregon and I’m on the last leg of a journey that’s taken me almost 3 weeks to complete.

I shall be posting both images and posts of both Emerald City Comic Con and BricksCascade once I finally recuperate from this crazy trip.

But there are some great photos of both on Flickr.

Emerald City Comicon Logo
You can find a whole set of ECCC photos on Sean Edmison’s photostream. (Okay I know I’m posting my own mosaic, but a lot of people took pictures of it and even ECCC posted it on their Facebook page 😉 )

Bricks Cascade 2013
LEGO’s own Kevin Hinkle has a nice set of photos of BricksCascade 2013 including some nice crowd shots that I was too busy to get while working my vendor booth.

So was the trip worth it? Well the jury’s still out on that one. I’ll have more to say about that later.

Right now all I can say is its been a long, long trip and driving what will end up being a total of 2,700 miles total by the time I get home by myself isn’t really all that great. I love road trips, but they are much better shared with at least one other person who can take the wheel now and then and talk to you as you try and stay away.

Thankfully (knock on the proverbial wood) I haven’t had any problems so far and I will get home safe and sound by the end of today.

So for now signing off and regular posting will resume shortly. 🙂

LEGO Build Together

December 14, 2010

LEGO Build Together

I went to the movies a few days ago and I was given this when I left (it probably had something to do with the fact that I was wearing a LEGO Christmas shirt 😉 ). The front (top) has head, hat, and hair stickers. The back (bottom) is where you put the assembled face for the dad and his son on their road trip through your imagination.

I’m still not sure what its about other than that it links to

Welcome to the LEGO Build Together website!

You’re about to take an exciting Road Trip through your imagination, where you can play a game, unlock achievements, vote in polls, earn Road Trip tokens, buy virtual souvenirs, and share the fun!

So start exploring now — and happy travels!

I’ve gone on the site, played the mini game and clicked on a few of the destinations (Air Museum, Brick Beat Records, to name a few). Some of the locations have mini model instructions, there is a mini game at the Arcade (big surprise 😀 )

Oh, and here’s the commercial for it:

If you like mini models its pretty cool and the images are cute.

Its definitely worth a look. 😉

The Eve of BrickCon 08

October 1, 2008

Model Gal once again has gone on the road for BrickCon 08

On the road again . . .

On the road again . . .

Driving all the way from San Diego to Seattle took four days. My hotel is in the shadow of the Space Needle and I look forward to all the LEGO festivities this weekend! Who knows what fantastic creations and building insights I will gain from this event. And for all of you that are going, I look forward to seeing you there! 😉