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BrickForge: Pretty in Pink!

January 10, 2010

Now usually BrickForge and Pink don’t go in the same title. Up till now, the only things that were pink on their site was the pigs, and that’s to be expected.

BrickForge however has decided to get an early jump on Valentine’s — who doesn’t love a MegaGun or Space Marine Armor for their special someone? 😉

We thought you’d like to get an early start on Valentines Day so we felt it appropriate to offer up some desirable delicacies. These are limited edition and most likely will not be restocked so pick’em up now!

I have to say I’m tempted, especially by the sheared sheep, it just looks so sad with all its fluffiness taken away (fluffiness not included).

Ah, a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and an army of Pink Space Troops, the perfect gift for that AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) in your life. 🙂

Next wave of 2010 LEGO Board Games

December 17, 2009

Although we in the States still haven’t gotten our hands on the first wave of LEGO Board games thanks to legomilk of we get a chance to see what is coming in 2010.

From the looks of things this next wave looks pretty promising. “Shave a Sheep” seems like a strange concept, but that won’t stop me from considering to get it. 😉

Actually the one that looks the coolest to me is “Pirate Plank.” I love the concept! And the captain with the “gaint” minifig hat and the “sharks” in the water made me smile. 🙂

I really hope that these come to the US. You can join the discussion at

This little piggy had a Farm

October 8, 2009

Although not quite as exciting as the new LEGO Atlantis theme, I still think this is note worthy in the fact that LEGO is adding yet another member to the Minifig animal population in 2010.

The image is not as crisp and clear as the Atlantis pics, but you can still plainly see what the set is all about — pigs.

When I saw this on Dano’s photostream I thought about adding it to yesterday’s post but then I decided that it deserved its own post. 🙂

What I think is interesting is that LEGO is following the lead yet again from BrickForge. BrickForge has offered both LEGO compatible cows and pigs as well as sheep for quite a while in several different colors.

The official LEGO version will obviously be different from the BrickForge version but that’s okay, they can just be different breeds. 😉

I own several of both the pigs and the sheep and I really like them. I have found BrickForge items to be high quality and worth the cost and I highly recommend them.

To be honest, I don’t usually pay as much attention to BrickForge and BrickArms as some of my male contemporaries for the simple reason that I’m not interested in weapons and armor. So although I do notice when new items are posted on Brothers Brick or Eurobricks I don’t always post them here.

One of the newest items that BrickForge has available for sale now that I think is quite fun — the mushroom.

Apparently the red ones were so popular that they are already out of stock! Hopefully they will get more soon.

BrickForge also has those fun scooters that have been popping up lately in several MOCs (my own creations). 😀

Everyone who has one seems to enjoy them, in fact I’ll probably order some myself pretty soon. I’m looking forward to the LEGO City Farm in 2010, but I’ll make do with my BrickForge ones till then. 😉