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If you love Maersk you’ll love this

January 23, 2011

For those in the know Maersk is a worldwide shipping company based out of Denmark. But for LEGO fans Maersk has an entirely different meaning.

Maersk is a rather rare and hard to get color, made in only a small amount of parts in half a dozen or so sets based off the actual Maersk shipping trucks and container ships. It was also made in a larger selection of bricks for the Model Shops, an exception to the “you can get all these parts yourself” rule that is always claimed.

The shipping container seen above has been released twice, once in 2004 and then again last year with only a few minor changes other than packaging and the sticker sheet. It is currently available at LEGO Shop at Home. Up until now it was the only Maersk set that has been commercially available to most LEGO consumers, all previous sets were only available through promotional release. That however, is about to change . . . πŸ˜‰

Introducing the 10219 Maersk Container Train!
Update: Apparently LEGO took the image off its website.

Although very little is known at this time about the set, it does have a five digit set number and the image itself is directly from leading me to suspect this will also be available to the general public. Looking closely at the image there are a lot of very cool elements new to the color and I know all the Maersk lovers out there will be drooling over this set.

Thanks to for tipping me off to this. πŸ™‚