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Down to the wire

April 2, 2010

Well its come to the last few days of my project. I still won’t show you the full model yet, but I’ll give you another peek:

Teaser Pic 2

As you can probably guess from the picture this is a really large building. To give you an idea on size — there are almost 1,000 plants on this building and more that will go around as landscaping.

Here’s another Model Building tip to tide you over — Because of the plastic that LEGO plants are made off normal glues don’t work on them. The best solution when placing down hundreds of leaves and flower stems is to hammer tiny nails through the stud and into the LEGO below. To “hide” the fact that there are all these nails on the plants I then took a green Sharpie permanent marker pen (well two different shades of green actually) and colored all the nail heads so that they match closer to the color of the plants.

Now back to building my model! 🙂