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The Incredible Hulk

May 31, 2010

Hi everyone, sorry for the small hiatus. But as it was Memorial Day weekend, at least here in America, I was spending time with my brothers and sister who were visiting.

Along with the standard barbecue and movie watching one of the things we did was build with LEGO. What many people might not know is that I am not the only LEGO Master Model Builder in the family. In fact, my little brother Matt even worked with me at the LEGOLAND Model Shop for a short time.

Both of my brothers are accomplished professional artists in various fields, and we all played with LEGO when we were kids, I took my brothers’ LEGO once they “grew out” of LEGO. 😀

So what does this have to do with the Incredible Hulk? Well I will show you —

Hulk 7

This Miniland scale model was created by my brother Mike. Both of my brothers are more organic LEGO builders than me. In some ways I still feel that I am not as accomplished in certain aspects of LEGO building compared to them, my little brother Matt has been building rings around me for years.

Hulk 10

The only modified thing on this model is the white vinyl sticker for Hulk’s teeth.

Hulk 5

Although I love my brothers dearly they do have a tenancy to take over my LEGO room and make a mess of all my organized bricks. 🙄

You can see more of the Hulk pictures on my Flickr photostream.