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What’s under the black cloth?

April 2, 2009

what’s this, originally uploaded by Old Republic.

Although I previously mentioned the new set Emerald Night there’s been a video floating around on Youtube where AFOL-turned-Designer Jamie Berard officially annouces Emerald Night (now available at ) and talks a little about the process behind designing it.

What has also been floating around is the question of what is under the black cloth that so suspiciously is sitting on the shelf in the background. Considering that it is right next to the Green Grocer and the Market Street and the fact that its about the same height, there is a lot of speculation that it is the next Modular Building. No one knows what it really is (except the LEGO designers of course 😉 ) but time will reveal if it is really a set or not.

The Glittering Emerald Night

February 19, 2009

What at first looked like a fake set or just a rumor has now been confirmed as an actual set. Emarald Night set number 10194 will be released late March or early April. It is already available on pre-order at

Here is the press release from LEGO:

February 18, 2009 – In acknowledgement of the many fan blogs and posts in the last week we are writing to confirm that The LEGO Company will be launching the #10194 Emerald Night Train in late March / early April via LEGO Shop at Home and LEGO Brand Retail.

The #10194 will first be unveiled simultaneously at Brickfest PDX in Portland, Oregon and Wunderwelt Modellbau in St. Pölten, Austria on March 27 & 28, 2009.

Attached are approved marketing assets from The LEGO Company that help depict the details for this great new product. Also listed below is some brief product information with pricing for the #10194.

And to think there’s more………but we’re saving that for the fan events on March 27 & 28 as mentioned above.

Look for more information on the #10194 Emerald Night Train in the March 30th issue of the LEGO Shop at Home Catalog and online at

#10194 – Emerald Night
Ages 14+
1,085 pieces
US $ 99.99
CA $ 129.99
AU $ 149.99
UK £ 68.50
DE € 89.99

With piston-powered wheels, this train is an all-new LEGO® classic!

Here comes the Emerald Night! Build this incredible classic-styled train with loads of amazing details, from the steam locomotive with furnace to the opening tender and dining car with removable roof, opening doors and detailed interior. Measures 68 cm (27.2 in) long! Includes three minifigures, elements in rare colors and all-new large train wheels with piston motion!

This classically-styled train features a steam locomotive with furnace, opening tender, dining car with removable roof, opening doors and detailed interior!

* Train measures 27.2 inches (68cm) long!
* Lots of authentic touches including elements in rare colors and all-new large train wheels with piston motion!
* Includes 3 minifigures!

It looks like a pretty sweet set. 🙂 The colors and details are very nice, the only thing I see wrong with it is that it doesn’t come with track. 😦 The price is pretty decent too. This year is definitely panning out to be a banner year in LEGO sets.