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10216 Winter Village Bakery

August 12, 2010

It may be a little early for Christmas, it is still August after all, but this newest Winter set is worthy of talking about early. As a the sequel to last year’s Winter Toy Shop series it is a nice follow up.

I like the cute bakery and the ice skating pond is fun, even if the kid in the snowbank looks a little funny.

It looks like this will be available around October, but no news on the price point. It will probably be about the cost of the Toy Shop ($60 USD). From what I’ve heard the idea is to eventually have an entire Christmas LEGO village like Department 54. That is a cool idea, if a little pricey per set. But then so are the Department 54 ones. 😉

Forestmen’s River Fortress in Winter

March 21, 2010

Have you ever wondered what a LEGO set looks like in a different season?

Yoshix has recreated a winter version of the classic 1989 Forestmen River Fortress.

This got me thinking. What would happen if other sets were winterized? It seems like all Castle sets, heck all most all LEGO sets seem to be in this eternal spring. I know, there are specific sets like the Winter Toy Shop and I’m not talking about licensed Disney or Star Wars sets either. What I’m talking about is the LEGO themes — Castle, Town, etc. There seems to be no season other than “nice” in LEGO. 😀

Winter Toy Shop Set #10199

August 9, 2009

In an earlier post I mentioned the new Christmas set. At the time we only had a small image, so we couldn’t see all the details. Now thanks to Eurobricks we’ve finally gotten some better pictures. 🙂

We also know the official name of the set now: Winter Toy Shop.

Seeing the Christmas tree close up, I’m not that thrilled with the design. I am happy that it is brick built, but I don’t like how they designed the top. It’s just not the best solution in my opinion. 😕

I really like the carolers. 🙂 They are sooooo cute! And I can already see uses for that head design.

I really look forward to getting this set and I hope that LEGO makes more of them to compliment this in the future. 😀